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Virtual Architecture Research Center carries out a wide variety of scientific and applied research on Architecture, Heritage, 3D laser scanning, high-quality imaging, and BIM.

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Heritage Building Information Modelling for Implementing UNESCO Procedures

Challenges, Potentialities, and Issues

The main aim of this book is to develop and explore the value of new innovative digital content to help satisfy UNESCO’s World Heritage nomination file requirements. Through a detailed exploration of two BIM case studies from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the book uniquely connects the use of Heritage BIM to the documentation methods used by UNESCO and demonstrates how this provides a contribution to both countries with heritage sites and UNESCO as an organization. The research and practical examples in the book seek to address both the lack of a comprehensive method of submitting a nomination file to UNESCO and the lack of authentic engineering information in countries where extensive heritage sites exist.

By Dr. Ahmad Baik

Research publications

  • Yaagoubi, R., Al-Gilani, A., Baik, A., Alhomodi, E., Miky, Y., 2018. SEH-SDB: a semantically enriched historical spatial database for documentation and preservation of monumental heritage based on CityGML. Applied Geomatics 1–16.
  • Baik, A., Boehm, J. (2017). Hijazi architectural object library (HAOL), The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XLII-2/W3, 2017 3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures, 1–3 March 2017, Nafplio, Greece

Book chapters

  • Baik, A., Boehm, J. (2017). Jeddah Heritage Building Information Modelling (JHBIM), chapter 11 of Heritage BIM (HBIM) Book
  • Hess, M., Baik, A. (2018). Digital techniques for documenting and preserving cultural heritage, chapter of 3D LASER SCANNING.